So, yesterday evening I sent Richard a tweet…

So today, Richard tweeted this...

And his latest follow on Twitter is Richard Delamere…

So, he may have seen my tweet! Or one that another of us sent to him. Either way, our lovely man is paying attention to us… :D

Things I’d like to do with Richard: a pub crawl. We could sample different vintages, dance, maybe karaoke, or even just hang out together. I’d love that…


Things I’d like to do with Richard: go horse back riding…

*my screen cap from The Hobbit AUJ EE*

I love this face… (13 of ???)

I find Richard ridiculously attractive when he glances down like this…

*my screen caps*

Richard, you can look so classy,


And then again, not so much.


I find this dichotomy so intriguing…

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Screen to Stage: The Hobbit Stars

"Armitage, looking a bit like Hugh Jackman at the beginning of Les Miserables, roars about the stage but is gradually reduced to a shadow of himself. But as this big man is boiled down to his essence, he finds a purity in himself that he didn’t know was there in a climax that remains moving and surprisingly powerful. It’s that character development that was the biggest contrast between the two; Richard III finds the depths of which he is capable as the restraints on his behaviour are relaxed, while John Proctor only comes to trust himself when he’s put under pressure." 

I’d love to say one was far superior, but the sad fact is that that Peter Jackson guy knew what he was doing when he cast those two. All that this summer has shown is that Freeman can also kick ass as a Shakespearean villain, as if anyone ever doubted it, while Armitage can knock a complicated leading man role out of the park even without a fake nose and a giant beard.”

I mean, really. Who could resist this face? It would take a far stronger woman than I…

I mean, really. Who could resist this face? It would take a far stronger woman than I…

Richard in Frozen and the Trailer Addict interview for Into the Storm. Hard to believe these were taken years apart!

Frozen was filmed in 2005. The interview was most likely taped in 2012 (released this July).

*my screen caps (x) (x)*

Good News!

Into the Storm moved to 2nd place with $14.4 million [internationally, this weekend], more than half coming from a $7.6 million debut in China. With $133.5 million worldwide, Into the Storm is now the 7th highest grossing found-footage movie of all time and it could go as high as 3rd place…”


Graham sets Richard straight.  :-y

Can’t wait to see these two together again in The Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition and The Battle of the Five Armies….(x) (x) *the second is my edit*

So I posted this first and then saw the pic with all of the cats. Maybe it’s a sign for us cat lovers… :-D